In Honfleur, municipal police move in electric scooters

More practical and more ecological, the electric scooter is all the rage! A craze that does not fade, with adults and younger. A trend that surfs the Honfleur policein Calvados, which has just acquired two electric scooters for its agents. This is a three-month loan from the manufacturer Trotlux.

The local company developed them specifically for police officers' missions: "These machines allow to pass easily and quickly everywhere, especially in the small cobbled streets of the city. They can drive up to 25 km / h and carry all the necessary equipment to the agents", Explain Frédéric Tran, boss of Trotlux.

These luxury electric scooters are equipped with a seat and have a range of 25 to 30 kilometers thanks to two batteries. They do not consume fuel, produce a very low noise pollution and offer an astonishing speed of intervention. Not insignificant advantages according to Martine Lemonnier, Deputy Mayor in charge of traffic:

We are the first city in France to equip the municipal police with this means of transport. The idea can be generalized in big cities. It is a tool that suits our time well. The planet is in danger, Honfleur is proud to be ahead. It's a small step.

While the seaside resort welcomes each year three and a half million visitors, “and when the streets are crowded, it seems a priori easier to use an agent on a scooter rather than in a car"For Martine Lemonnier. The electric scooter is therefore "a additional factor of proximity with the population“.

Appointment in three months to find out if the municipality decides to equip definitely or not its police officers with this means of locomotion. Equipment that will have a cost since the price of an equipped scooter is estimated at EUR 3 800. And if you like initiatives that remain in the field of law enforcement, remember that other unusual news : gendarmes who stop the motorists for good behavior.

Credits : France 3 Normandy / YouTube

Credits : Trotlux

Credits : Trotlux

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Imagined by: Municipal Police of Honfleur (Calvados)

Video: Les policiers municipaux testent les trottinettes à Honfleur (April 2020).