These gloves have been specially designed to create perfect snowballs

Who has never succumbed to the temptation of a battle of snowballs, thewinter at the mountain ? An activity that kids love, but we'll admit it is not always easy to make beautiful snowballs. You must already have gloves (otherwise good luck not to finish with frozen hands) and know how to mold beautiful snowballs.

That's good: we found the perfect gloves for this winter activity. the Netherlands, the design student Janet Emmelkamp came up with the idea of ​​creating children's gloves specifically designed to make snowballs. These gloves, classically in appearance, hide in the hollow of the hands a mold which will allow you to prepare the perfect snowballsimply by rubbing them together. The only question is: are these gloves, with this rather large integrated mold, not a problem when it comes to throwing snowball?

A concept that was originally imagined for the contest Hema Design. Sadly (and as often)it is a prototype which dates from 2010 and has never been commercialized on a large scale. You will find more information on the blog of Janet Emmelkamp.

Credits: Janet Emmelkamp

Credits: Janet Emmelkamp

Credits: Janet Emmelkamp

Imagined by: Janet Emmelkamp

Video: Unicorn Snow Bath Challenge (March 2020).