This egg photo just broke the likes list on Instagram, ahead of Kylie Jenner

Is there a real logic to all the posts that hit on Instagram ? The answer may be disappointing. Indeed, the success of this or that publication sometimes seems meaningless. Neither do we have any particular explanation to give you as to the success of the post we are going to talk about today since we do not understand anything ... just like you.

Rather teased, now is the time to talk to you about the topic that interests us. An anonymous created account@world_record_eggon Instagram and posted the photo ofan egg wrapped in his shell. An image that seems innocuous at first, and yet, the post has literally exploded in number of likes, in just a few days.

Devoid of artifice, this egg seems to be self-sufficient on a white background. In contrast to photos Ultra-retouched and at the paroxysm of the superficiality, the simplicity, theauthenticity and the minimalism of this image were probably determining factors for Internet users, tired of lack of naturalness of the "Instagrameurs". Right now, influencers, who spend most of their time photoshoper each of their images in order to reach the perfection, must be mad with rage and in complete misunderstanding in the face of this social phenomenon.

Netizens have been more than38 million to like his image in just 12 days. This is a post that has clearly overshadowed Kylie Jenner, or even ridiculed the "Fashionista" who had harvested, for its part, plus 18 million likes for publishing a snapshot of his infant. It was the record to beat! Good player, the main interested replied on his Instagram account in a video trying to cook an egg on the road. A wink very funny !

In short, what must be remembered is that theabsurdity, theunexpected and the aspect unusual talk and always ends up paying on social networks.

The "egg photo"

+38 million likes on Instagram


Kylie Jenner's photo

+18 million likes on Instagram


Imagined by:@world_record_egg

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