Used to park his bike in the same place, this boy had a good surprise from a stranger

Here is a touching and creative story as we like to share it on Creapills. After that of the little boy who received a reply from the UK Post After sending a letter to paradise to his dead father, we invite you to discover today a new anecdote that proves, once again, that creativity is also hidden in the small acts of everyday life.

This story comes straight from Wiesbaden in Germany, where a little boy had a nice surprise. Christie Dietz, a freelance writer, brings her son to school every day on his balance bike. Every day, the little boy parks his little bike in the same place, hanging on the same post just next to the school.

But one day, when he was going to get his bike back as usual with his mother, he noticed that sticker had been stuck to the post, with a photo attributing this famous parking space as his own. An anonymous and simple attention, which has the merit of being fun and to prove that the small ideas of the everyday can sometimes reserve us nice surprises.


The tweet of Christie Dietz, the mom of the young boy concerned who tells this funny story on his Twitter account, has meanwhile was retweeted more than 293 000 time. The proof that beautiful ideas have this crazy power to federate around the same emotion!

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