Ice with polluted water to raise awareness about water contamination

3 students of the National University of the Art ofTaiwan made a hundred ice creams using polluted water from lakes and rivers going through the harbor waters. Instead of flavors, there are different samples of polluted water that has been frozen before injecting resin to improve the conservation of these original ice creams. All ice creams (rather pacifiers of the blow) have been packaged in a beautiful little colorful packaging, as if to create the contrast between outer beauty and the contamination that awaits you.

A project aesthetic and malignant which puts forward major environmental problems that surround us and that we ignore on a daily basis. These lollipops quickly became viral on social networks, especially via the page Polluted Water Popsicles which one of presentation videos project has already exceeded one million views.

Imagined by: Polluted Water Popsicles

Video: Water pollution: popsicles made of sewage water (April 2020).