Netflix parodies 80s movie posters with "Strangers Things"

More than a few weeks to wait beforethe long awaited season 2 of "Stranger Things", one of the flagship series of Netflix. Stranger Things tells the adventures of a group of children who lives in Hawkins, a small American town where supernatural events regularly take place. Beyond his SF side and assumption chills, Stranger Things devotes a real cult to 80 years and pays homage to the greatest cinematographic productions of the time.

To communicate on the season 2 of Stranger Things, Netflix so had the idea of parody the movie posters of the 80s. FromAlien"To"Sea teeth", Passing by "evil Dead" or "Charlie", The fans of the series will undoubtedly recognize tributes and winks which adorn these very successful visuals.



"Running Man"


"Evil Dead"

"Count on me"

"Claws of the night"

Imagined by:Netflix

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