6 creative marketing ideas that make Christmas even more magical

Each year, the brands redouble creativity to attract your attention ... and for our greatest pleasure at Creapills. We discover new ideas, new concepts that play with our emotions and always reveal a positive message. And even if no one is fooled by deployed strategies, we still take the time to appreciate these small operations that make Moral good.

That's why we had the idea to compile 6 creative marketing ideas in a short video of 2 minutes. 6 creative favorites which have been put in place in recent years and do not strangely take a ride. Among these, there are two airlines, KLM and Spanair, which transform airports into festive places or a TV channel that partners with the local police to congratulate the good drivers.

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Sourced by: Creapills

Video: Pictionary Mall Surprise. Mattel Games (April 2020).