McDonald's reverses its famous logo for Women's Rights Day

For Women's Rights Day, March 8th, McDonald's had the idea of ​​inverting its mythical "M" -shaped logo to make it a "W" (reference to "Women") to echo the feminine cause.

This Thursday, March 8, we celebrate the Women's Rights Day. The opportunity to recall that there are still inequalities between men and women and that we must continue to fight for equality.

On this occasion, McDonald's had the idea to set up a small original operation of rebranding. We all know the famous logo of McDonaldss that illustrates the big "M" of the brand with two huge golden arches. For the Women's Rights Day, McDonald's just had the idea ... ofreverse his logo.

The "M" then becomes a "W", which obviously echoes "Women". This malignant and perfectly contextualized operation was set up in the city of Lynwoodin the United States, under the direction of Patricia Williams, which manages a number of franchises in the Los Angeles.

Wendy Lewis, Director of Diversity at McDonald's, explains that out of 10 managers in franchised stores, 6 are womenand this operation is, in some ways, a way for the brand to honor them. Although of course, one can ask, as often with this kind of mark, the following question: Is it a sincere initiative or a simple marketing operation to communicate with the female target by playing on the sympathy of an idea unusual? We let you judge!

Credits: McDonald's

Credits: McDonald's

Credits: McDonald's

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