When Twitter is creatively diverting Macron's photo at the World Cup

Emmanuel Macron is an avid football fan, and for the record, fan of Olympique de Marseille. But the French President is also the first supporter of the Blues, and inevitably, he was at the forefront of the consecration of theFrench team in World Cup in front of the Croatia last Sunday.

A photo has also gone around the web, showing Macron in a rather unusual and casual celebration posture on the occasion of the final whistle. And as you can imagine, it did not take more to the Internet to initiate diversions of all kinds ...

So the hashtag #PoseTonMacron went around Twitter, encouraging users to post their wildest hijackings of the French President. We let you admire the result and creations which, let's face it, are rather surprising, fun and full of creativity ...

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