Netflix needs help with subtitles ... and offers you a translator job

In just a few years, Netflix has established itself in France as the reference platform for series and films. If the American giant offers us an increasingly diversified catalog, it is also a huge job for translation teams, who have to deal with no fewer than 20 languages ‚Äč‚Äčevery day. And it is clear that sometimes the translation is incomplete, or even completely wrong.

Netflix had the idea to use its users. The entertainment giant launches "HERMES", an interface that will allow to find new talents to improve the translation of its various programs. HERMES will give candidates a series of tests in 5 steps to assess their abilities and find the translators of tomorrow.

A boon for the brand that struggles to find real talent in the field using conventional means. It remains to be seen public opinion on this subject, which is likely to cause some controversy ...

Video: Working As A Subtitle Translator for Netflix And My Career Journey (August 2019).