Spotify launches playlists sponsored by brands

Towards a new advertising format? In any case, we must admit that he is rather creative. Spotify, the famous music streaming service, launches sponsored playlists. Specifically, brands will have the opportunity to sponsor the best public playlists created and published by Spotify.

And we must say that there is plenty of choice, because the music giant has created at the moment no less than 400 playlists including all genres, moods and times of the day. Depending on the values ​​or their axis of communication, the brands will be able to sponsor the playlists of their choice. A sports brand like Adidas or Nike could for example sponsor one of the many playlists that aim to motivate to spend.

This offer has been available for some time in the United States and we can for example show the example of the manufacturer Kia who sponsored the playlist "New Music Friday" for the launch of its new model Kia Sportage. An interesting monetization axis for Spotify, which should be democratized in the coming months.

Spotify allows brands ...

... to sponsor his best playlists

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