Amazon Go: the supermarket of the future without cash and fully digitized

In just a few years, Amazon has completely revolutionized the way we think about online commerce. The web is no longer enough for the e-commerce giant who is now attacking IRL stores. Amazon has just announced the launch of Amazon Go, a new supermarket concept of the future without cash and fully digitized.

The first store "Amazon Go" should open early 2017 in Seattle. The crates will be totally absent. Forget the endless queues at the end of the day or the weekend. The shops will be equipped with many sensors. To enter the supermarket, it will be necessary to pass gates that will identify you by sliding your smartphone on the reader. Thanks to a clever mix of sensors, cameras and algorithms, Amazon Go stores will be able to automatically detect the products selected by the customer, and even those who are rested.

Amazon Go should totally revolutionize the supermarket experience. No more wasted time, everything should be simplified to make the experience enjoyable, fast and easy. Nevertheless, the concept should remain complicated for people who are refractory to new technologies (we think especially of the elderly). If the concept manages to democratize across the Atlantic, it should make its appearance in Europe fairly quickly. We look forward !

Video: Introducing Amazon Go and the worlds most advanced shopping technology (April 2020).